Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez affirmed this Friday that the US poses a serious threat to Latin America and the Caribbean.

‘Testimony of the Southern Command Commander, Navy Adm. Craig Faller in the US Senate Committee on Armed Services confirms posing a serious threat to Latin America,’ Rodriguez tweeted.

He then deemed that the recent aggressiveness in applying the Monroe Doctrine(1823) is a cause of conflict, repression and suffering.

Faller said Thursday to the aforementioned High House committee that Russia, China and Cuba underpin the Maduro government in Venezuela, which Washington tries to defeat by all means.

After describing as a vicious circle of instability in the region, the military command called for granting correct, focused and persistent military presence with the support of its allies in the region.

In another tweet, the head of Cuban diplomacy ratified his country’s commitment to respect and compliance with International Humanitarian Law in times when weapons are increasingly lethal and destructive.

He also regretted that new actors emerge in the conflicts, unconventional wars proliferate and serious violations of #HIR (International Humanitarian Law) persist.

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