Russia continued opposing US onslaught against Venezuela, among US recent attacks is the launch of a campaign to accuse this country of boosting terrorism in the region.

Recently, we have witnessed attempts to make up new excuses to interfere in Venezuelan internal affairs, indicated Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zajarova.

The authors of these actions are willing to overthrow legitimate President Nicolas Maduro, underscored the spokesperson.

Zajarova told Prensa Latina that opposition parlamentarian Juan Guaido, became a US resource to seek a change of government in Venezuela, being among the promoters of the degrading conference in Colombia days ago.

Meanwhile, US Southern Command Commander, Navy Adm. Craig Foller added that to confront Venezuelan threat, interaction with the allies is going to increase, and cited the joint exercises with Colombia as an example, stood out the official.

In this context, the growing activity of the US army near the borders of northern Venezuela is alarming, she denounced.

An information campaign is ongoing, along with practical steps. We believe that the scenarios of using force remain on the White House agenda, ready for using any means to achieve a change of power in Venezuela, stated Zajarova.

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