The National Government denounced the machinations of the extreme right wing of the southern continent which acts in sneaky ways to try to hinder what is rightly theirs.
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in full exercise of the Pro-Tempore Presidency of the Southern Common Market MERCOSUR, denounces the machinations of the extreme right wing of the southern continent, formed under a new Triple Alliance, which has been acting in a sneaky way through legalistic maneuvers to try to hinder what rightly corresponds to it.
Venezuela categorically rejects the invention of a fraudulent thesis, unsupported in law, to mask such an illegal proceeding, expressed in the false assumption of an emptyness in the Pro-Tempore Presidency; which we do legally exercise from July 29 of this year, with its rights and duties, as it was duly informed to the Member States through a PPTV Note 01/2016.
This Triple Alliance, composed of the Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, seeks to republish some kind of Operation Condor against Venezuela, baiting and criminalizing its model of development and democracy, an aggression that has no hesitation in destroying the institutions and legality of MERCOSUR.
Behind this plan, are those who have always conspired against the South American union in order to impose the Washington Consensus in the false belief that it was time for the Bolivarian Revolution to disappear. It is the Triple Alliance of the Right wing and the Condor Plan against Bolivarianism and the socioeconomic achievements of our people. Retrogressive and neoconservative forces are trying to bring back the disastrous neoliberal policies that plunged the peoples of the South into poverty, misery, inequality and exclusion of their human rights.
The Bolivarian Government warns to the peoples of MERCOSUR against the lies of the enemies of integration and unity of our region, which disown, with their folds and omissions, the letter and the spirit of this common history where the workers have a starring role.
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, evokes as an unequivocal guidance for the exercise of the Pro-Tempore Presidency of MERCOSUR, the South-Americanist thought of President Hugo Chavez, when he told us: “That is why today we are in that exact historical perspective, this is our world, our place in history, this is our place, this is our essence, South America, and within this great Homeland, Mercosur as a great engine. Venezuela reaches the Mercosur completely, with all our passion, will and desire to integrate in dignity into a new mechanism of integration that goes beyond trade. ”
Caracas, August 1, 2016