Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza rejected statements made by United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday against the sovereignty and right to self-determination of the South American country.
Likewise, the chancellor condemned the bias of the British leader in favor of «those who reject dialogue and peace in Venezuela,» according to his Twitter account.
May received Julio Borges and Freddy Guevara, leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, who are carrying out an international agenda to challenge Venezuela’s institutional order and promote actions against the oil nation.
In that sense, the spokesperson for Venezuelan diplomacy said that «by validating the lies of those who violate Venezuelan democracy, Prime Minister Theresa May affects the credibility of her government.»
«We regret that the isolationist policy of the British government not only alienates itself from the countries of the European Union, but also from Venezuela,» he said, urging Britain «to act in good faith, retaking the cordial relations that have always existed between our countries.»
The United Kingdom is the fourth country visited by Borges and Guevara, who were already in France, Spain and Germany.