The greatest legacy of Salvador Allende was to promote a process of social transformation against the values of capitalism through voting and democracy, said Wednesday the grandson of former Chilean president and physician, Pablo Sepulveda Allende.
«I think its particularity was to propose for the first time that the structural transformations to overcome capitalism towards a revolution that changes the economic and social bases of the countries, can be peaceful and democratic, through the universal vote. It was something innovative at the time,» he said.
In an interview for the Venezuelan News Agency, he said that this same method was implemented in Venezuela by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, to consolidate a process of change that is attacked for focusing on the popular majorities.
He pointed out that the Allende government and the Bolivarian Revolution have suffered the same attacks from internal and external factors. For example, he talked about the economic war, a strategy orchestrated by the oligarchies of both countries, at different times, as a destabilizing method.
«Because it is a revolution based on majorities and democratic changes, Venezuela and Chile have faced similar problems. I think the main similarity is that many forms of destabilization have been mixed in. The one that continues to affect the Revolution is to win the economic war, also faced by Allende,» he said.
He stressed that the National Constituent Assembly can take measures to radicalize the process of change, which would allow the economic war to be overcome.
Next September 11 marks the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Salvador Allende, during the coup d’etat led by dictator Augusto Pinochet, and promoted by the United States to undermine the process of political, economic and social change that was taking place in Chile.