The Venezuelan government categorically rejected this Sunday the communiqué issued by the opposition coalition MUD, which supports the economic aggression against Venezuela by the United States government.

In this message, the Venezuelan opposition urges other countries and investors to economically block and isolate the country. The Venezuelan government described such a statement as «the most fascist of all communiques that have ever been read.»

It also pointed out that this communique of the opposition leadership is a request for war against Venezuela. «It is the petition to Non-Integration, Non-International Law, Non-Sovereignty of Peoples, Non-Dialogue, Non-Democracy, Non-Life.»

The Bolivarian Government statement follows:

The so-called opposition coalition MUD has issued a statement that is unprecedented in the contemporary history of Venezuelan politics. It seems impossible to believe that a sector that makes political life in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is openly servile to foreign interests, and calls for military intervention against our country.

They continue to encourage assassination, laden with hate speech and violence.

With such document, they ask other countries do the same as the United States did on August 25, that is to act in a xenophobic way against our country, and set aside international law and treaties. There is no other way to understand this text, beyond categorizing it as the most fascist of all communiques that have ever been read.

In fact, it is not a communique, it is a petition for war against Venezuela, it is the petition for Non-Integration, Non-International Law, Non-Sovereignty of Peoples, Non-Dialogue, Non-Democracy, Non-Life.

This document is the NO-Politics, it is to return to the obscurantism of the guillotine and death to the enemy. Which enemy? For the National Government, the enemy is fascism anywhere in the world whether or not it is against Venezuela, because fascism is contrary to humanity and solidarity of humanity.

For MUD the enemy is Venezuela. We know this is not a sanction against President Nicolas Maduro, it is a sanction against 30 million Venezuelans, and especially the 8 million and many more who could not leave their homes on July 30, who wagered to resolve their conflicts through PEACE: they said so.

The National Government categorically rejects a text framed in hatred, warlike, anti-patriotic, anti-nationalist and anti-integrationist.

We call on loyal forces, men and women attached to nationalist and patriotic values. It is time to unite against the threats of the empire, and now against the threats of the rogue fascism who makes life in the ranks of Venezuelan opposition.

Venezuela is a sovereign, free country based on the principles of equality, justice and defense of our sovereignty and citizen security. This will continue, as long as the Venezuelan Government and the people march together along the path of peace, there will be no human power to prevent our victory over imperial and national fascism. A victory that was consolidated on July 30 and will continue to strengthen. Nobody said it would be easy, but this is the way. There is no way to peace, peace is the way.

This is the moment to express our love for Venezuela, as Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez once did it by supporting our country with the president of that time Cipriano Castro in the imperial blockade of the early twentieth century. As Jose Manuel «el Mocho» Hernandez once did it despite his strong opposition to the Castro government. This is no time to hesitate. The position is one, love for Venezuela is shown by defending it from anyone who tries to humiliate it by whatever means.

Let us therefore continue to build the homeland: Workers, Peasants, Students; Women and older adults, to defend the future, to defend what we have achieved with so much sacrifice. We are born to win and not to be defeated..

Unity, Unity of the Patriots

Independence and Socialist Homeland

Long live Bolivar!