The global Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the incapacity of neoliberalism to solve the peoples’ big problems, a prominent official from the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) said on Thursday.

On the contrary, the current health crisis has proven that the popular and anti-hegemonic models have been the most effective to confront this calamity, FSLN International Relations Secretary Carlos Fonseca Teran told Prensa Latina.

The economic crisis and the big calamities generated by the pandemic are linked to the characteristics of the system against which we fight, the son of FSLN founder and martyr Carlos Fonseca Amador, noted.

Although apparently there is a freezing of those political processes in the current global scenario, the real situation marked by Covid-19 propitiates the creation of more favorable conditions to reactivate that fight (after) with more strength, he noted.

As the interview took place in the framework of the 41st anniversary of Sandinista Popular Revolution (July 19, 1979), Fonseca Teran recalled that for Nicaragua, that historic milestone was the result of 18 years of guerrilla struggle against the Anastasio Somoza dictatorship.

He noted that his country was the only nation in Latin America, in addition to Cuba, where a revolution triumphed in the period of armed struggles, and it demonstrated at the time that it was the correct fighting method to reach power.

The fighting methods changed later, as demonstrated by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela in 1999, which completed a cycle of victorious revolutionary movements every 20 years, he said in reference to the popular victories in Cuba (1959) and Nicaragua (1979).

Two decades later, in 2019, Latin America witnessed a victorious year in the reactivation of region’s popular fighting capacity.


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