The Dominican Central Electoral Board released late last night, the first results of the presidential and parliamentary elections after computing 20 percent of the data.

At a press conference held at the Electoral Board headquarters, its president, Julio César Castaños, warned the results are preliminary and from now on they will be updated through the screen located in that entity until the final bulletin.

Castaños took the opportunity to congratulate the Dominican people who maintained exemplary civic behavior throughout the day, the Plenary of the Board and the rest of the participants who with great effort guaranteed the success of the electoral event.

In the case of the presidential election, the candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party, Luis Abinader, has achieved a figure greater than 50 percent plus one of the votes, followed by the candidate of the purple lining Gonzalo Castillo and Leonel Fernández from The People’s Force.

However, the public will have to wait until the trend is irreversible in order to give a winner.

Likewise, in the rest of the charges interesting results are seen and everything seems to indicate that in Congress there will be many new faces.

Seven million 529 thousand 932 Dominicans were called to attend in this Sunday’s elections with the task of electing the president, vice president, 32 senators, 190 deputies and their representatives before Parlacen.


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