Femicides currently continue hitting Argentina which registers a death of this kind every 27 hours and a total of 162 women murdered this year, many of them minors.

Femicide seems to have no end in a country that has been fighting for years so these crimes are not repeated, a battle made visible in the last few years through feminist groups and movements.

According to a report by the Gender Violence Observatory, which several websites echo, 70 percent of murders committed against women occurred in the victim’s home and the killer was in 69 percent of them a partner or former partner of the victim.

News broadcasts from January 1 to June 30, 2020 were taken for the report. They showed that of 162 femicides, 81 were committed since the coronavirus preventive and mandatory quarantine was decreed.

In a fight to leave behind the constant abuse of gender, Argentina is fighting femicides on the streets with campaigns, some from the Government and others from social groups, but femicides continue to be one of the great scourges of this society.


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