This Wednesday, Africa reported another 14,000 people infected with Covid-19 compared to the previous day and more than two hundred deaths from the pandemic, which is advancing slowly but steadily on the continent today.

In the latest report from the Disease Prevention Center, 420,510 people were infected, compared to 406,747 in the previous report. The number of deaths climbed from 10,158 to 10,390, an increase of 242, although specialists agree that the pandemic has not yet reached its peak.

Also, today’s report includes 241,684 active cases, a potential danger due to the high degree of overcrowding in which most people are living, may have infected family and friends, and in 193,149 the total number of those recovered.

Meanwhile, the planetary balance of the disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus reflects 218,000 more cases, a figure that exceeds by 27,000 positive cases the previous daily record, reached on June 26 with more than 191,000 infected in the short period of 24 hours.

This brings the total number of infected people to 10,700 and the death toll to 516,434 in 188 countries and territories, with more than 5,480,000 recovered.

However, in the case of those who have been cured, the scientific community is trying to find out the possible consequences on the bodies, for which there are various criteria.


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