Footage from Syria purports to show a US armored personnel carrier pushing a Russian military jeep off the road; relations between Moscow and Washington remain tense.

A video, posted on social media on Wednesday, shows what appears to be a Russian military convoy moving alongside an American one. At one point, a Russian Tigr heavy jeep tries to overtake an Oshkosh M-ATV armored vehicle with a US flag on its roof. The M-ATV responds by maneuvering to the right, pushing the Tigr further away from the road.

Narrowly evading collision and nearly hitting a pedestrian in the process, both vehicles stop, and one of them honks.

According to the Russian outlet NSN, the alleged incident was filmed near the town of Qamishli in Syria’s northeastern Al-Hasakah Province, bordering with Turkey. There is no official confirmation of the footage as of yet.

Russian Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov told NSN that such incidents “risk leading to [bad] consequences” as “the Americans are asking for trouble.” The lawmaker said that the US and Russia should notify each other about convoy movements to avoid tensions. He also sent a warning to Washington.

They should not provoke us to respond, otherwise it will end badly. I believe wise-minded people in the Pentagon should think about that.

US troops engaged in a brief firefight with locals near Qamishli last week, when armed villagers tried to stop an American military patrol. One Syrian was killed in the clash and another wounded, while the US-led coalition claimed that Americans opened fire in self-defense. Moscow said that the situation only cooled down after a Russian military police unit intervened.

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