The Executive Vice-President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, has stated they will consolidate the strategic bilateral cooperation with Russia despite US sanctions.

She assured that Venezuela and Russia will continue their relations even amidst the measures imposed by Washington to attempt to affect said relations and the income sources of Venezuela.

‘The delirious supremacism of the government of the United States has turned the international clumsiness into its source of existence! Russia and Venezuela will expand their bilateral cooperation despite the infamous US unilateralism. We will remain standing and in the right geopolitical track!’

The Vice-President’s statements take place following the most recent unilateral action imposed by the US Treasure Department against RosNeft Trading, branch of the RosNeft Russian energy company, for its trade links with Venezuela.

Jorge Arreaza, Foreign Minister of Venezuela, denounced the measure, saying it is a pressure to depose the constitutional President, Nicolas Maduro, and also constitutes a crime against humanity against the Venezuelan people.

Directors and workers of PDVSA and other authorities from Venezuela and Russia supported this denounce.

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