The Economic Commission of the Broad Front (FA) assured that Costa Rica’s current unemployment mirrors nowadays economic situation, which is the aftermath of the investment and business climate in the country.

In a statement about unemployment in Costa Rica, the FA grants that ‘Our unemployed workforce deserves respect and quality job positions.

The best way to fight against unemployment is to generate growth and dynamism in economy, indicates the largest left-wing political local group and notes that reactivating private sector must be done so that its growth influences on that unemployed population, which benefits those people by offering them jobs.

‘What our economic recovery requires is to employ workers who have been displaced by a hyper-inflated sector in administrative and luxury services,’ underscored the text. Unemployment must have a public investment plan that favors small and medium-sized industrial companies, commercial, agricultural and services, generating employment.

More focused measures are needed to boost the small and medium enterprises, to the strengthening of small, medium producers and agricultural producers, to boosting small ventures, to rescuing people and businesses drowned in credits that do not respond to the true conditions of that entrepreneurship, of those consumers, the text set out.

Finally, the document pointed out, there is a need of an institutional apparatus tuned to that strategy; put at the service of that social and economic development project.

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