After eight years without operating, the first commercial flight landed on Wednesday at Aleppo International Airport, 365 km north of Damascus.

Syrian emigrants from Aleppo, journalists from national and international media and the Ministers of Transportation and Tourism traveled on board the Syrian Airlines Airbus A-320 flight.

The plane took off from Damascus airport and after it landed, several Syrian army warplanes flew over the airport.

Syrian Transport Minister Ali Hamoud told the press that the reopening ceremony of that air facility became a reality thanks to the sacrifices of the army and the firmness of the people.

Aleppo has the second largest airport in Syria after Damascus and the last commercial flight that landed there was in early 2012, the date after which the flights were suspended due to terrorists and jihadists attacking planes.

The Syrian army announced early this week the liberation of dozens of towns west and north of Aleppo which had been under control of terrorist groups, thus completely securing the city and its airport from rocket and mortar attacks by radicals and extremists.

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