Bernie Sanders is on course to triumph in the Democratic primaries, but backdoor deals could result in Michael Bloomberg being the nominee, leaving Americans to choose between two Wall Street-backed billionaires, Lee Camp warns.

In his new video, the American comedian and Redacted Tonight host argues that the Democratic establishment will do everything in its power to prevent the Vermont senator from clinching the nomination.

In one possible scenario, Bloomberg, the former New York mayor, could be handed the nomination if non-Sanders delegates throw their support behind him, resulting in a lose-lose situation for working class Americans, Camp noted.

If it ends up being Bloomberg versus Donald Trump, then that means you’ve already lost. It’s oligarch versus oligarch. It’s billionaire New Yorker versus billionaire New Yorker. It’s Wall Street versus Wall Street. They win no matter what.

He stressed that securing Sanders’ nomination will be a “long fight, and we better get ready.”

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