Despite campaigns against gender violence and its severe sentences, the intentional killing of females in Chile continue, with two other cases reported today.

The first case cropped up on Sunday, and it was known as a woman lodged a complaint against her son with the Rinconada de Maipu police station for killing her partner.

According to investigations, after killing his girlfriend, 31, the killer tried to commit suicide and was admitted to a hospital in critical conditions.

Meanwhile, in a bloodier event, three people died on Monday in Mulchen, in the Bio Bio region, in a case that is being investigated for femicide, arson and suicide crimes.

As reported by the L.A. Homicide Brigade, the incident was conducted in the wee hours as attacker, 35-year-old man, arrived at his ex-partner’s house.

Perpetrator stabbed his new partner to death, set her house ablaze, and finally committed suicide.

When firefighters arrived to put out the fire, three bodies were found inside.

On January 30, the Chamber of Deputies of Chile unanimously passed the so-called ‘Gabriela Law,’ which sets out the concept of femicide and penalties for this sort of crime.

The Gabriela Law now sets down femicide as the killing of a female by a man who is or was her cohabitant or husband. It includes all kinds of romantic or sexual relationships, including courtship and the death of a female in the exercise of prostitution, and the rape with homicide is also included.

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