Democrats, public figures and a number of organizations are condemning the decision of President Donal Trump to extend his controversial travel ban to Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Kirguizistan, and Myanmar.

The President of the Chamber of Representatives Nancy Pelosi stated in a communiqué that the rule announced on Friday, banning over 350 million people mainly from African countries to travel to the United States is discrimination disguised as policy.

As per the legislator from California, the democrats will oppose the new policy in tribunals and introduce a bill to ban religious discrimination in our immigration system and limit the president’s capability to impose such biased and intolerant restrictions.

Several presidential pre-candidates also criticized this new action by the President, among them former Vice-President Joe Biden, who expressed that veto against nations with mainly Muslim populations is a direct treason of United States’ most fundamental freedom: religious freedom.

This ban is as racist as it is silly. It makes us smaller and weaker. The United States is, and always will be, a country connected on a world-wide level, and it is at its best when it welcomes visitors and immigrants, said former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, also a presidential candidate.

In actress and activist Alyssa Milano’s opinion, this polemic decision by Trump represents another form of separation of families, a policy of white supremacism and a distraction from the impeachment trial against him.

On her Twitter account, the actress shared her link to a site of the campaign ‘No Muslim Ban Ever,’ which expresses that this expansion in restrictions is an explicit attack against Muslim families, since it leaves many people unable to rejoin their children, spouses or parent in the United States.

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