Bolivia’s coup government illegally arrested former Mining Minister Casar Navarro and former Minister of Agriculture Pedro Dorado at the El Alto airport, both had been refugees for 82 days at the Mexican embassy in La Paz.

This new detention is part of the long list of persecuted politicians belonging to the Movement for Socialism by the de facto government that staged a coup against former President Morales on November 10.

Both former ministers, after over two months of being refugees at the Mexican diplomatic headquarters where there are still seven officials, received the safe-conduct for their departure from Bolivia.

Despite counting on these alleged guarantees given by Añez government and a commission of international mediators, the Ministry of Government arrested them this morning.

‘Former Minister Cesar Navarro and former Vice Minister Pedro Damian Dorado had safe-conducts granted yesterday. After 82 days in the #Mexico Embassy in #Bolivia the de facto government killed 36 brothers and continues imprisoning innocent people. #DictatorshipInBolivia,’ denounced Evo Morales on Twitter.

On Friday, the coup authorities illegally and arbitrarily detained Patricia Hermosa, who was Evo Morales’ representative to process the registration of the indigenous leader to run as a candidate for a position in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

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