Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged extrem right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro to rule by thinking of the general good and the majority of the Brazilian people.

In an interview with UOL news, Lula said that even those who ‘voted against Bolsonaro have to know this: he is the president.’ He insisted that the former Army captain ‘has the obligation to rule by thinking of the general good, human beings, the poor, the country, our sovereignty, our students, our workers … And to stop talk nonsense!’

Lula warned that he sees Economy Minister Paulo Guedes announcing that ‘he is opening the government purchases for foreign companies.’

On analyzing the first year of the Bolsonaro government, the former labor leader considered that the extreme right-wing politician still behaves like a campaign candidate.

The former president said that he is thinking of going to Paris to receive the tite of Honorary Citizen granted by the French capital’s authorities.

Lula was released from prison on November 8, after a judge issued the order to free him, following his defense team’s request on the basis of the Federal Supreme Court decision that overthrew the execution of the sentence after a conviction in the second instance.

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