Bolivia’s de facto president, Jeanine Añez, has caused a ministerial crisis due to her desire to remain in office even though she was only appointed for that post until a new president is elected.

Known for her religious fanaticism and extreme political conservatism, Añez called for the resignation of all ministers, more than two months after her cabinet was established, and will make changes on it ‘to continue the objectives of her administration,’ according to a statement from the presidency’s secretariat.

Government sources pointed out that the announcement was triggered by the resignation, on Sunday, of Communication Minister Roxana Lizarraga, due to discrepancies about the launch of Añez’s candidacy.

‘It is clear that our transitional government has lost its objectives’, which were to carry out the electoral process, said the resignation letter written by Lizarraga, who expressed her disagreement with the use of State television to announce Añez’s candidacy on Friday.

Reports say that after Lizarraga resigned, many ministers linked to right-wing presidential candidate Luis Camacho also submitted their resignations, including Defense Minister Fernando Lopez and others who do not support Añez’s continuity in power.

Añez’s ambitions have unleashed struggles and intrigues in that sector, including that Lizarraga is politically linked to right-wing candidate Jorge Quiroga, and he would have told her to resign and to proclaiming her rejection of Añez’s continuity in office.

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