Overthrown Bolivian President Evo Morales on Friday denounced the militarization of the country by the de facto government, and considered it a violation of citizens’ rights enshrined in the Constitution.

With the militarization of major cities in #Bolivia there is a de facto seize that suspended the people’s constitutional rights and guarantees, another proof of the Añez dictatorship that rules the country, the former president wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Defense Minister Fernando Lopez, the initiative is aimed at providing ‘calm and peace to Bolivians’ through joint operations with the police in all nine departments of the country.

However, local media reported that the measure is aimed at controlling Morales’ supporters and the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) party, due to the ongoing shows of discontent with the actions of the government headed by self-proclaimed President Jeanine Añez.

On Thursday, the presence of soldiers was reported in several regions of the country, including tanks and helicopters, military means that considered excessive to patrol the cities.

Click to watch the video: https://twitter.com/evoespueblo/status/1218176326244409344


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