The controversial Anti-looting Law, promoted by the Government, was approved by the Senate amid criticisms of the Executive»s real objective with that initiative.

According to analysts, the draft bill was passed with an evident division within the opposition during all six votes, as a result of which each chapter was analyzed, and even 14 senators did not vote.

However, the text has to be submitted to the House of Deputies again to review several changes made by the senators to the initial document approved by the lower house.

The Anti-looting Act typifies sentences for ‘actions that attempt against the freedom of circulation of people on public highways using violent and intimidating means, and establishes sentences for looting during calamities and the alteration of public order’.

The law establishes sentences from 541 days to five years for looting, 61 to 540 days for building barricades and obstructing traffic.

It also includes sentences from 61 days to three years for those who throw sharp or potentially blunt utensils or objects that can cause death or cause damage to persons or vehicles on public highways.

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