So far this month, a social or political leader is assassinated in Colombia almost every day, as former guerrilla fighters and indigenous people continue to be frequent victims of violence.

The most recent crime was committed in the last few hours against the president of the Association of Rural Workers, John Fredy Alvarez, assassinated in Huila Department.

‘The victim was at the living room of his home, where an unknown man entered and without speaking, shot him several times. Due to the seriousness of the wounds, he died there,’ reported Colonel Juan Carlos Restrepo Moscoso, commander of Huila Police.

In the past days, social leader Mireya Hernández was also assassinated, attacked by strangers when she arrived on motorcycle at her home with her husband.

Under such conditions, Attorney General of the nation Fernando Carrillo recently called to stop what he called the systematic assassination of social leaders.

‘As a Public Ministry we are calling the Government to immediately convene the National Commission of Security Guarantees and to ensure its operation, because the threat is latent and must be contained,’ he said.

Practically every day, violence is ongoing in Colombian reality due to threats, attacks, and assassinations.

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