Abya Yala’s management on Friday denied false accusations by de facto Communications Minister Roxana Lizárraga about the alleged illegality of the Bolivian TV station.

In a clarifying note, it was stressed that Abya Yala is a private entity whose purposes are communication, information and education.

‘We strongly deny that it is a media outlet owned by Evo Morales Ayma. As a body governed by private law, it should be protected by law, as should be the case in a State with Rule of Law,’ the channel noted in the statement.

In response to the false accusation, it stressed that Abya Yala has an operating license, granted by the Telecommunications and Transportation Authority in 2015, for the use of frequencies corresponding to channel 41 UHF, which was later formalized.

‘With respect to the legal representation of the Foundation, this fell to people recognized in the field of non-profit institutions and with experience in communications, culture and journalism,’ the statement added.

In terms of tax obligations, it stressed that Abya Yala has made maximum efforts to meet its commitments and presented its audited financial statements in each management term, as established by the norms.


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