The Iranian-backed Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have dropped their claims that a medical convoy was destroyed in a US air raid along Taji road, north of Baghdad.

In a new press release cited by several news agencies, the PMF leadership retracted their statement in which the group said their medics were hit by a US airstrike.

This happened after Reuters cited Iraqi Army sources who said that six people were killed in a raid near Taji.

The Iraqi Army, however, later denied that an airstrike took place there. In a statement quoted by local media, the military urged everyone to be “careful” about spreading unverified information and “rumors” in the future.

The news came after the chief of Iran’s elite Quds Force, Major General Qassem Soleimani, and PMF deputy commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed by a US drone at Baghdad’s airport.

Washington said that Soleimani was targeted in order to deter future attacks by Iran against US military personnel and citizens in Iraq and other places abroad.

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