Paola Pabon, Prefect of Pichincha, after being released from prison, share in an exclusive interview with Telesur the political persecution that leaders of Revolucion Ciudadana have endured under Lenin Moreno´s Administration and the perspective of a better future for the country.

The Prefect of Pichincha, Paola Pabon expressed, in an exclusive interview with Telesur, her concern about how hatred and political persecution in Ecuador have wounded the most important motivation of democracy: the confrontation of ideas and thoughts, and freedom to think.

Pabon affirmed that her case proves the harassment that many of the leaders of the Revolución Ciudadana have suffered this last two years and a half: Rafael Correa, persecuted; Jorge Glass, imprisoned; Ricardo Patiño, under asylum conditions; other ten exiled or in embassies.

“From the day I quitted the Ministry of Politics under Moreno´s Administration, I knew I was doing the right thing and despite understanding that it may bring repercussions, never imagined I was going to go to prison for 72 days and face an absurd judicial process,” she admitted, while reassuring not regretting her decision.

“We need to focus on the real problems of the country. Because while they waste money and resources persecuting us out there, there is still unemployment and extreme poverty,” she emphasized.

On the other hand, when asked about the political status of the Revolucion Ciudadana, she said that they are looking forward to creating coalitions that center their work on the nation´s real problems, leaving aside differences and rivalries in defense of democracy.

“It´s fine to have fear because we´ve seen all the resources of the State chasing us. What it is not fine is to be immobilized by that fear. I believe the Revolucion Ciudadana is alive. Today more than ever, after what we´ve seen,” Pichincha prefect expressed while affirming to have her eyes set on 2021: “this country needs to take a new path, follow a new horizon”.

When asked about the possibility of presenting herself as a possible presidential candidate in the next elections, she answered categorically that her main duty is with the people of Pichincha: «The one who has to be in the presidential ballot is Rafael Correa.»

Furthermore, she thanked international community support especially Argentinian president Alberto Fernandez and VP Cristina Fernandez, Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff, humanitarian groups, Venezuelan, Mexican and Chilean representatives, among others. 

The prefect of the Ecuadorean province of Pichincha Paola Pabon was arrested in the early morning hours of October 14th at her home. The Provincial Justice Court of Pichincha on Tuesday issued 90-day preventive detention for Pabon, a long-time ally of former president Rafael Correa who is now a strong opponent of President Lenin Moreno for taking a hard-right shift once taking office.

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