De facto Bolivian Minister of Education, Virginia Patty, urged today to repeal the Avelino Siñani Law enacted by Evo Morales in 2010, which proposes decolonizing the country through a revolutionary and liberating educational system.

The law has four fundamental bases: productive education, gender equality, the strengthening of educational quality and the quality of teaching.

As part of the dismantling of the inclusive system promoted by the government of Evo Morales, the coup minister said the regulations need to be ‘repealed or abolished.’

At the same time, she announced that in the coming days she will meet with representatives of the National Confederation of the Teaching Professions for the revision of this norm.

The Law establishes that education is compulsory until high school and proposes educating on equal terms, respecting cultural and linguistic diversity and strengthening identity.

It also proposes a basic curriculum for all students and a regional one that will take into account geographical and cultural characteristics of each department.

Despite being heavily criticized by the Catholic Church at the time, the Law establishes as a novelty a common subject of religions, spirituality, ethics and values, while respecting that a school also teaches a particular religious faith.

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