The Venezuelan government does not rule out that in the near future the United States might attempt to carry out new attacks on civil infrastructure in the Bolivarian republic, including schools, hospitals and subway, President of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello said on Monday.

Cabello blamed the recent disruption in the work of the country’s Guri hydroelectric power plant on a «terrorist attack» orchestrated by Washington.

«What is going on in Venezuela is happening for a reason… [The United States] has already attempted to carry out… a number of selective attacks in a bid to cause damage to our country. The United States does not care about victims, it can openly attempt to launch terrorist attacks in the subway, schools and hospitals,» Cabello said at a press conference in Caracas.

A major blackout swept Venezuela in early March as national electricity supplier Corpoelec announced there had been an act of «sabotage» at the Guri hydroelectric power plant. Media subsequently reported about power outages in 21 of Venezuela’s 23 states. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has pinned the blame for the crisis on the United States. Washington has denied having a role in the blackout.

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