The National Security Adviser of the United States Government, John Bolton, confirmed that the coup that is being executed in Venezuela is for oil, warned the Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza.

 Arreaza cited Bolton’s words in an interview on the Fox Business news channel, in which he admits: «It would make a big difference» if oil companies operate in Venezuelan territory.

 «Confession on the part: John Bolton confirms that the coup is for oil, since the second 48:» It will make a big difference for the United States economically if we can have oil companies really investing and producing oil capabilities in Venezuela, «he said in allusion to A video that shows the moment of the declaration.

 During the interview, transmitted this Tuesday, Bolton has improved: «We are talking with the main companies» with the purpose of «producing oil in Venezuela,» Telesur said.

 In this sense, the security adviser of the United States government said: «Nicolás Maduro», Nicolás Maduro, a maneuver that he defined as a «business opportunity».

 Previously, the head of Foreign Affairs had publicized about the purpose of the coup plan, and held the rights of the US Treasury Department against the State Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) other «specific and irrefutable» evidence on the intention to take over of Venezuelan crude.



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