Executives of the Russian oil major Rosneft will arrive in Venezuela on Thursday to seal energy alliances, said Venezuela’s Vice-President, Tareck El Aissami, on Wednesday.
From Lara state, where he also announced the signing of new energy agreements with India, El Aissami said that the Venezuelan government will begin to trade oil in currencies other than the dollar, as a response to sanctions imposed by the United States Government.
Rosneft is a PDVSA’s partner in the joint ventures Petrovictoria, Petromonagas, Petromiranda and Perforosven, basing his operations in the Orinoco Oil Belt Hugo Chavez; and in Boqueron and Petroperija, western Zulia state.
In addition, Gazprombank, the third largest investment bank in the Eurasian nation, is one of the largest investors in Venezuela to develop energy projects. In the last two years, the institution has invested more than $ 1 billion in projects carried out by joint venture Petrozamora.
In general, Moscow and Caracas have more than 261 agreements in the agricultural, oil, gas and industrial sectors, among others.