Venezuelan people calls on Americans to curb Trump’s war intentions

The people of Venezuela called on United States citizens to work together for peace, stability and mutual cooperation between the two countries –values threatened by the ambitions of the United States president, Donald Trump, who revealed his warmongering cravings for the South American nation.
“The People of the United States are a people of peace, and we believe you should lead efforts seeking to neutralize the jingoist intentions of your government. That is why we reach out to you, in fraternity and sincerity, to urge all Americans of goodwill, to join us in working together for the defense of our peoples’ freedoms, our children’s well-being, towards cooperation and peace for our region,” said an open letter by Venezuela’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, published in the New York Times.
The text warns that the unilateral sanctions imposed against the Venezuelan government and oil company PDVSA are aimed at generating a political crisis that will put an end to the constitutional mandate of Nicolas Maduro, elected by popular vote in 2013, and impact one of the main oil suppliers of the United States.
Such actions, according to the letter, also affect ordinary U.S. citizens, by facing likely increase in the price of gasoline, affecting retirement funds and even open the possibility of using young people in a military conflict.
“It is, therefore, imperative to cease this irrational policy of aggression and instead promote political understanding, so this long tradition of friendship between both countries can be made to flourish,” said the text, in which the Venezuelan people reaffirm their brotherhood with the Americans.
Based on this nexus of brotherhood, Venezuela asks the U.S. government to respect the sovereignty and internal affairs of the Latin American country, in accordance with the principles of international law.
“President Nicolas Maduro has tried to reach out to President Donald Trump several times, so as to facilitate communication and generate solutions based upon International Law and mutual respect. Regrettably, thus far, the U.S. Government has ignored and disregarded all dialogue initiatives proposed by the Venezuelan Government.”


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