Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro held a meeting Tuesday with Chevron oil company representatives to explore mechanisms to continue the strategic relationship following the economic sanctions prohibiting trading of bonds issued by the Venezuelan government and state oil company PDVSA, announced in August by the United States government.
At the meeting –attended by Clay Neff, president of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production– Maduro ratified the government willingness to maintain commercial ties and foreign investments, said PDVSA in a press statement.
In addition, the president called for dialogue and joint search with Chevron to deal with the executive order signed by President Donald Trump on August 25, which also prohibits the operation of new debt issued by the Venezuelan state and PDVSA.
The meeting also included Venezuela’s Vice President, Tareck El Aissami; PDVSA’s head, Nelson Martinez; Oil Minister, Eulogio Del Pino; Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menendez; as well as Ali Moshiri, an adviser to Chevron’s CEO.
The US oil company is a minority partner with PDVSA of Petroboscan joint venture, which operates in the Boscan field of Zulia state; and Petropiar, a crude oil improver located in the Orinoco Oil Belt Hugo Chavez, the world’s largest crude oil reservoir.