The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejected the arrogant and conceited tone used in the statement issued Monday by the French Presidency.
«The arrogant and conceited tone of the French Presidency’s communique is unacceptable and tries to recall past imperial times,» Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced Tuesday through his Twitter account.
The communique was released on the website of the French presidency,, which states, among other things, «to pursue current efforts to ensure that humanitarian assistance can be provided to Venezuelans.»
He also criticized the position of the French President, who «subordinates his policy towards Venezuela to the foreign policy of Donald Trump.»
The head of the Venezuelan diplomacy also rejected the unpatriotic behavior of national lawmakers Julio Borges and Freddy Guevara, who are visiting some European countries, promoting measures that put at risk the stability of the Venezuelan people.
Arreaza stressed that «the crimes committed by the Venezuelan right, linked to corruption and violence, are condemnable under French law itself.»