Venezuela’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza categorically rejected the new interference from governments of France, Spain and Chile against the institutions of the Venezuelan State, threatening to infringe the principles of international law.
French President Emmanuel Macron and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, have recently issued statements against the legitimate functioning of Venezuelan institutions in reference to the case of the far-right spokesperson, Lilian Tintori, involved in the seizure of 205 million bolivars in crates of new currency on August 30 by officials of the Crime Investigation Police Body CICPC.
This line of intervention was echoed by Chile’s chancellor Heraldo Munoz, who according to Arreaza, has tried to attack the process of dialogue, suggesting non-peaceful outcomes.
Venezuelan Foreign Affairs minister also demanded respect for democracy and functioning of State’s institutions.
«Mrs. Lilian Tintori is being prosecuted for serious, public, notorious, communicational and confessed crimes. In our country, every political organization must be accountable for the origins of its funds. There are no parties or figures that are untouchable,» he said on Saturday, in response to Rajoy’s statements.
He further demanded the French government to «respect the functioning of our institutions. I hope they will resume support for dialogue, not corruption.»
In reference to his Chilean counterpart, Arreaza described his statements against the sovereign decisions of the Bolivarian nation as disrespectful, therefore he urged him to «respect the functioning of our institutions and not impede the process of national dialogue.»
Through his official Twitter account, Foreign Minister Arreaza denounced that his Chilean counterpart «attacks the process of developing dialogue in Venezuela, suggesting non-peaceful outcomes,» a situation that he strongly rejected.