The development of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) is the way to promote the counter-offensive of the revolutionary forces in order to achieve the political and socio-economic recovery of the nation, said Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.
«I have a great faith in the full exercise of our national sovereignty without accepting blackmail, pressure and even less from US imperialism. The Constituent Assembly will bring order to justice as it is doing right now, in the institutions, in the State, in the economy and to be my pivot, my fundamental support for us to finish a year 2017 with a good level of general recovery of society, politics, peace, which is the most important,» he said in a special interview in private media on Sunday.
He recalled that the decision to call for the original power last May 1 came after three months of opposition violence, which left more than 100 Venezuelans dead.
«It was something very well thought out for a long time, because it is one of the possibilities that our Constitution has,» he said explaining that the idea arose on December 9, 2015, three days after the legislative elections, in which the Venezuelan right won most seats at the National Assembly.
«You are an exceptional witness –journalist Jose Vicente Rangel recalled– of how we received the news of the electoral result that night on December 6, 2015, of the clarity and firmness with which I said: Let’s recognize them immediately! And since that day I was thinking of activating a popular constituent process, but always trying to control the historical conflict, through political dialogue with the opposition and it was impossible,» Maduro stressed.
He said that he conceived the ANC as «a national leadership, a collective that represents a whole country, but always with a central leader, in this case I am in this moment, but the central leader must have a collective and shared leadership.»
He stressed that the participation of more than 8 million during the election of the constitutional assembly, held on July 30, was a demonstration of the heroism, love and loyalty of the people.
Victory for regional election
In the interview, President said that the revolutionary forces will get a great popular victory in the regional elections scheduled for October.
«We are going to a great victory because the people want peace, people want governors to consolidate peace. People are tired of governors like Miranda’s who goes out to the streets to destroy and not to govern,» he said.
He stressed that the opposition, despite subjecting the country to three months of political instability with street actions, ended up recognizing the Electoral Power by nominating its candidates in the elections for governors.
«What is the diagnosis?» he asked. «We are going to win the 23 governorships of this country,» he said.
On the other hand, he reaffirmed the will of the Executive power to establish a permanent political dialogue with the sectors that oppose Chavismo, in order to consolidate «the years to come as the years of peace,» and affirmed that the «worst policy» of the Venezuelan opposition is to continue to underestimate the Executive branch and the Venezuelan people.
The President said that the international attacks perpetrated against the nation aim to stop the humanist model of the Bolivarian Revolution, and added that the national government has neutralized three groups that from abroad insist on attacking the peace of the country.
Economic actions
The Head of State also said that during the next few days will announce a number of actions to combat the speculation created by the economic war led by sectors of the right against the people.
He also reaffirmed that the development of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and its 15 engines is «the right strategy of economic independence to free us from dependence on oil.»