The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) reiterated on Monday its firm rejection of U.S. President Donald Trump’s military threats against Venezuelan sovereignty and democracy and called for a firm stance without dualities.
«There are no ambivalent, ambiguous positions, like the one I heard from the Venezuelan opposition. It is or is not: You are Venezuelan, you are a patriot, or you are a pitiyankee. It is a matter of the nation’s survival,» said the Defense minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, in Fuerte Tiuna military fort, Caracas.
Before reading the FANB statement rejecting Trump’s remarks, Defense Minister expressed indignation at the position taken by the Venezuelan political opposition, which insists on the possibility, with the support of the American empire, to continue the political violence and economic destabilization, to further destabilize and justify the ousting of constitutional president Nicolas Maduro.
In this sense, Padrino Lopez said that some of the strategies of the American empire are based on pretexts such as the violation of human rights, the humanitarian crisis and the absence of democracy to invade nations and take over their wealths and survive as a hegemonic power.
He explained that before the failure of strategies such as the soft coup or the creation of conditions for an insurrection, the American empire «has showed their true colors to take directly the path of military aggression.»
«It is time for all humanity to stand up and understand that all wars do not have noble purposes,» he said.
Given this scenario, he called on Venezuelan people and the youth to defend the homeland and not to fall into ambiguous positions before the serious ongoing threat to the Caribbean nation, that would also affect other countries of the region,
Padrino Lopez said that before this new imperial attack, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will remain in a civic military union to defend the sovereignty, democracy and self-determination of the Venezuelan people.
In the statement read by Defense’s minister, the FANB reaffirmed its peaceful vocation and commitment to the defense of the country and institutions, while urging their members to firmly confront the warmongering threats by the United States government.
In addition, he warns that these military threats are the corollary of an interventionist plan.
«This unfortunate statement will be recorded as one of the most serious threats ever made to our beloved nation, not only because it comes from the government with the greatest military power in the world, but also because it constitutes the corollary of an interventionist plan,» said part of the statement.
He asserted that «this new threat is about the typical escalation of the worn-out subterfuge of defense of human rights and defense of freedom, to militarily intervene a country imposing its political interests, while seizing the available natural resources to satisfy their excessive economic ambitions.»
Padrino Lopez recalled that the military threats made by Trump are in line with the chain of actions as the declaration of «unusual and extraordinary threat» made by Barack Obama in 2015 and ratified in 2016.