Venezuela’s Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami categorically rejected statements made by the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, against Venezuela.
In a dozen messages via social networks, he condemned the position of U.S. Vice President, who during a meeting with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reiterated Washington’s intention to isolate Venezuela politically, economically and diplomatically.
«Vice President Mike Pence, from Colombia, has issued meddling statements that we have categorically rejected. We are not backyards, vice-president,» El Aissami wrote on Twitter.
He also deplored the U.S. accusations pointing at the oil nation as a conduit for drug trafficking.
«How cynical Vice President Pence is. It turns out that after the failure of ‘Plan Colombia’, they come to point to Venezuela. You are the problem,» he said.
In addition, he questioned the effectiveness of the U.S. military bases in the fight against drug trafficking set up in Colombia.
«What was the use of the seven U.S. military bases in Colombia? Now more drugs are produced in Colombian territory. It is a great truth,» he said.
He said the recent attacks by the U.S. government did not reduce the democratic and peaceful will of the more than eight million Venezuelans who attended on July 30, the elections to choose members of the National Constituent Assembly.
«You come, Mr. Pence, to pretend to give us lessons of democracy, and your country shows with impunity the neo-Nazi movements and racial hatred,» wrote the Vice President, while remembering that «in Colombia today one can speak of peace thanks to unconditional support of Venezuela and of our commander Chavez !! We are a people of peace !!»