The threat of military intervention against Venezuela, uttered last August 11 by the United States President Donald Trump, was strongly rejected by social movements and governments across Latin America.
«The voice of the empires once again stands against our Caribbean Latin America. Yesterday’s threats and today’s are the same,» said the Nicaraguan Government in a press release, ratifying once again its infinite solidarity «in the name of the dignity and sovereign pride of the people of Augusto C. Sandino.»
The president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said the stance of U.S. president evidences the interventionist intentions of those who internally oppose Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
Likewise, the Government of Ecuador ratified its solidarity with the Venezuelan government and its people and urged to respect the principles of non-interference and peaceful coexistence.
Through a statement, Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry «reiterates the call to dialogue as the only way to solve the situation of the fraternal Venezuelan people.»
Also, the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), the governments of Mexico, Chile and Colombia repudiated Trump’s claims and recognized that the internal situation of Venezuela must be resolved in strict adherence to sovereignty and peace.
In Caracas, the diplomatic corps accredited to Venezuela visited the country’s foreign ministry on Saturday to reject U.S. interference in the internal affairs of the South American nation.
During the diplomatic meeting that took place at the headquarters of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Venezuelan chancellor Jorge Arreaza said that his Government activated the mechanisms to convene a meeting with Heads of State through the Community of Latin American States and Caribbean (Celac).
Social movements
The Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) of El Salvador, said in a statement that relations between countries should be maintained according to the content of the United Nations Charter and the rules of international law «with absolute respect for self-determination and sovereignty of peoples, as well as the independence of states.»
The Paraguayan coalition Guasu Front also considered unacceptable that the international community «remained silent about this new attempt to intervene in the internal affairs of a sister country such as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Venezuelan people are sovereign and have decided to take control of their own history to be free and independent.»
Among others expressing solidarity with Venezuela are the Broad Front for Justice, Life and Liberty of Peru; the political party Convergencia, of Guatemala; the Socialist Collective of the Canary Islands, Tiwizi; and Tekojoja party of Paraguay.