Political parties within the ruling Broad Front have rejected the country’s decision to suspend Venezuela from Mercosur.
Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has received harsh criticism from his ruling coalition since the decision Saturday to suspend Venezuela from the Common Market of the South, with the majority of Broad Front party members rejecting the attack against the Bolivarian nation.
«We call for joining the efforts of social and political organizations, so that the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is not left alone, offering solidarity to a people and a government that has given so much for the integration and construction of the Great Homeland,» National Liberation Movement-Tupamaros, a group within Uruguay’s Popular Participation Movement, stated.
Former President Jose “Pepe” Mujica stated that in the case of Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, Mercosur can not be neutral, declaring that the international group should support the institution.
«We do not understand or accept the position of our government,» he said, opposing Uruguay’s decision to side with Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay against Venezuela.
Vice President Raul Sendic’s sector Compromiso Frenteamplista-Lista 711, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uruguay, and the Casa Grande, a group headed by Senator Constanza Moreira.
Moreira also publicly urged the government, particularly the Foreign Ministry to reconsider their decision to suspend Venezuela.
Mercosur announced their decision Saturday to apply the “democratic clause,” established by the group’s Protocol of Ushuaia, suspending Venezuela from the regional bloc.
The bloc claimed that the government of President Nicolas Maduro was suspended for “breaking the democratic order” after it moved forward with its National Constituent Assembly.
In response, Venezuela said “the ongoing reckless use of a body for integration as a means of political hostility against the government and people of Venezuela is alarming,» adding that the regional trade group has shown a bias against the country.