The Foreign Ministry denounced the interference by countries in the democratic decisions of Venezuela.
The government of Ecuador criticized the recent move by Mercosur to suspend Venezuela Monday saying that it was a means of interfering in the internal affairs of the South American country in a statement issued by the foreign ministry.
«Each state has the inalienable right to choose its political, economic, social and cultural system without interference of any kind from another state, as an essential condition for guaranteeing peaceful coexistence between nations and consolidating peace,» the statement said.
Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa recalled in the declaration the duty of all states to adhere to the United Nations Charter and other international organizations to respect other nation’s law and democratic institutions.
The statement called on all countries to comply with «the obligation to observe conduct consistent with its international commitments to respect the sovereignty and independence of the Venezuelan state and the right of self-determination of its people.»
Espinosa’s office also said it was necessary to respect the right of the Venezuelan people to find a sovereign solution to their political situation in accordance with their constitution, defending the country’s recently sworn-in National Constituent Assembly to reach a peaceful agreement between the government and the opposition.
«No stranger can urge the Venezuelan government to make decisions against its legitimate interests or to ignore the general will of its people, which has been expressed in the polls in favor of installing the Constituent power,» the statement said.
It said the elections can’t be questioned by other states since that constitutes a direct interference in a sovereign country «that is determined to solve its internal situation democratically.»
The country reiterated its support for dialogue between the two sides and its rejection of violence.