Human rights activist Alfredo Ruiz has been named Venezuela’s new attorney general.
Human rights activist Alfredo Ruiz was named Venezuela’s new attorney general by Tarek William Saab, the country’s interim attorney general.
Ruiz is a leading activist with more than 25 years experience defending human rights. He is also a founding member of Support Network for Justice and Peace, an NGO that protects the liberties outlined in the Bolivarian Constitution.
Ruiz will take over from Saab, who was sworn in on Saturday after the removal of Luisa Ortega Diaz.
Ortega is accused of lying about the alleged «lack of legitimacy of origin» of 33 judges of the Judiciary, to whom she gave the go-ahead in 2015. She is also being investigated for her alleged support for ongoing opposition protests, which have since claimed over 100 lives.