Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly Members Prepare to Take Seats

The United States has repeated its threats to bring about regime change following the election.

Five days after the nation voted, the elected members of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly are preparing to take their seats on Friday.

More than eight million people chose their representatives from 6,120 candidates in last weekend’s poll.
Peole have been invited to join in a march to accompany the 545 members as they are installed at the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas.
The Venezuelan, President Nicolas Maduro, said the Constituent Assembly will consolidate peace and unity in the country, adding that the final preparations are underway.

Maduro also welcomed the decision by some sections of the opposition, including the Democratic Action, A New Time and Advanced Progressive parties, as well as some members of Justice First, to take part in December’s regional elections.
He said it was important to establish stability now after the campaign of violence generated by extremist opponents of his government.
Investigations are underway to establish the role of The People’s Will, the party led Leopold Lopez, in the violence last Sunday which left several people dead.
Lopez’s house arrest was revoked on Tuesday for violating the conditions of the agreement which allowed his freedom under special conditions.
In the latest unrest, the Spanish embassy in Caracas has been attacked by two men on a motorbike.
They threw molotov cocktails at the building before driving off.
No one was injured and it’s not clear who carried out the attack.
The new Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has promised to bring those responsible to justice.

Nauert also said the vote “lacked credible international observation”.
But specially invited guests who went to Venezuela to watch the election say they were satisfied with the process.
Luis Jalandoni, Senior Adviser to the Negotiating Panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines said it was  “very convincing”.

While a Northern Irish member of parliament for Sinn Fein, Mickey Brady, described the vote as “fair and transparent”.


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