Constituent Assembly to be in permanent session for decision-making

Caracas, 04 Ago. AVN.- The National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym), taking place this Friday, will remain in a permanent session to make transcendental decisions and address the various issues that citizens expect to restore peace, order and justice, said Juan Carlos Aleman, constituent deputy for the Capital District.
In an interview with state media, Aleman stressed that among these actions is the immediate review of the operation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to curb its inaction before the armed sedition that has claimed the life of more than 100 citizens and has been promoted by opposition sectors since last April.
He stressed the importance of this new revolutionary stage with the Constituent Assembly of the people, which this Friday will choose its new board and define, among other aspects, the rules of procedure and debate and mechanisms that will allow stratification for debate and that sectoral spokesmen feel included in the constituent discussions, he explained.
He stressed that given contradictions within the opposition, the constituent members are very clear that their main goal is to serve the people, and “it is a golden responsibility to fulfill the people under the figure of the National Constituent Assembly that will allow to find common ground” and stop, in addition, the economic war perpetrated by factors of the right with the private business sector.
The more than eight million citizens who chose the ANC voted to preserve the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez, to constitutionalize socialist missions and large missions, to consolidate peace and reject the lack of proposals by opposition sectors.
The ceremony of installing the ANC was held in the Elliptical Hall of the National Assembly, downtown Caracas, and was preceded by a march of revolutionary people from the state-run telephone company CANTV, on Libertador Avenue, to the legislative headquarters.


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