Anti-Chavista coalition unable to decide between violence or democracy

Caracas, 04 Ago. AVN.- With less than a week to begin registration of candidates running for governors in Venezuela, the anti-Chavista coalition grouped in the opposition coalition MUD does not have a joint and uniform standpoint on nominations.
After the Secretary General of Accion Democratica party, Henry Ramos Allup, announced his party would take part in the coming elections, spokesmen of the rest of the political organizations comprising this right front have expressed divergent opinions, ranging from completely rejecting them to demanding conditions to participate.
Maria Corina Machado, leader of Vente Venezuela, considers inconceivable to go to the elections of December 10 and predicted a loss of support for parties doing so. “If they register in the regional elections, they will be left alone,” she said via Twitter.
Party Primero Justicia (PJ), on the other hand, does not have a firm position. Juan Miguel Matheus, PJ leader said Wednesday that participating in the election must be decided within the MUD.
While PJ hopes it to be a shared decision, party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) decides to condition the opposition’s presence to meeting the agenda driven by factors of that political sector, including actions promoting interventionism.
Enrique Marquez, a leader of UNT, said he hopes the government will “recognize the powers” of the National Assembly, which is held in contempt of court orders, as well as release detainees for instigating violence, among other conditions, for taking part in the elections.
The definition of the MUD vis-à-vis the regional elections is preceded by differences on the impulse of the seditious agenda launched last April, that provoked a discussion this week between Henry Ramos Allup and Freddy Guevara, of party Voluntad Popular (or People’s Will); and participation in the dialogue process promoted by the Executive Branch.


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