AVN.- After the election of the National Constituent Assembly, held this Sunday across the country with a turnout of 8,089,320 people, President Nicolas Maduro said he accepts the will of the Venezuelan people.
«I accept the heroic will of the people of Venezuela: we have the National Constituent Assembly,» he said, from the headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE, Spanish acronym) in Caracas, where he received from the President of the Electoral Power, Tibisay Lucena, the copy of the first electoral bulletin.
In statements to state media, Maduro said it is the same CNE that released the results of 2015’s election, when opposition parties got a majority of deputies to the Assembly National, which were recognized by his government.
«It is the same president, Tibisay Lucena, the same electoral machines, the same CNE, the same polling members who said, on December 6, 2015, that the opposition won the National Assembly, and we said: Amen,» he recalled.
Maduro congratulated the Electoral Branch for the work of this Sunday that, in his opinion, demonstrated the strength of democratic institutions of the country.
«They guaranteed, in the middle of a war, that the people exercised their will, that the people went out to vote,» he said.
He further contrasted the Venezuelan electoral system with that of other countries like the United States and Colombia.
«Venezuela has the best, the most perfect electoral system in the world. First of all, said by our people, and said by international observers,» he said.
A total of 537 candidates of the 545 that will be part of the Constituent Assembly, were elected this Sunday across the country.