AVN.- Silence was the weapon used by national and international media corporations to hide the elections held this Sunday in Venezuela.
8,089,320 Venezuelans came out to vote, despite threats from the extremist sectors of the right to escalate terrorist actions to violate this right. However, this historic event, which imposed the democratic nature of the country, sought to be undermined by the media.
Inside the country, mainly private television channels such as Televen and Venevision «did not realize what was happening in Venezuela,» regretted Diosdado Cabello, elected as a deputy to the National Constituent Assembly, which will be installed in the coming days.
In order to censor the election event, national and international media chose to highlight the results of the opposition violence, which has been raging since last April as part of a coup plot. They withhold information as per their convenience.
«A historic election took place yesterday in Venezuela, but the corporate media decided to glorify terror,» Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada lamented through his Twitter account.
Before this, President Nicolas Maduro asked the owners of Televen and Venevision a public explanation to the country about their intentions to make the electoral process invisible, otherwise they will be subject to sanctions.
He recalled that the special operations to cover and broadcast the elections in the country have been historical, and are also considered fundamental, he added, for democracy and voting.
«In a democratic country such as Venezuela it has always been like this until yesterday, so I demand public explanations from the owners of Venevision and Televen. They are committed to the Constitution and democracy or we will have to take severe actions,» he said.
He said that no coup d’etat or conspiracies would be allowed. «I will not allow it.»
In that sense, he entrusted the Executive Vice President, Tareck El Aissami, to carry out the necessary procedures so that the owners of both media could explain why they eluded the process, and on the contrary, they joined «the most infamous campaigns of violence», while «ignoring the people voting.»