Caracas, 30 Jul. AVN.- Just as in every corner of the country, many people from Caracas woke up early this Sunday. The reason: to exercise their right to vote in the midst of a situation of violence that today led, the people of Caracas, to devote their vote to that long-awaited peace demanded by Venezuelans.
That was the message that some voters, interviewed by the Venezuelan News Agency team, gave during a trip of several voting centers located in Parque Central, San Agustin and Bellas Artes, Caracas.
Young people, adults, seniors and street vendors were seen in the middle of the coverage –under a burning sun– that did not tarnish the day of citizenship present in the streets of the capital city.
There was an atmosphere of joy and patriotic love in part of the route, where young people like Gabriela Benitez, 24, were committed to the need for development of the country, which requires the support of all sectors.
«I came to vote to stop the violence and peace comes. Many people have closed their premises because they are not permitted to work,» she said, along with her family, who also went out to vote.
From a voting center, the young woman made it clear: «I came of my own free will, because it came from the bottom of my heart.»
For Josefina Lopez, a resident of Parque Central and a state educator of the Miranda government, with 20 years of experience, also present at this polling station, participating Sunday in this election became a clamor.
«We want peace, I got tired of the aggressions in my country. What they are looking for is breaking all this down. What they show is selfishness and power cravings,» she said in reference to extremist sectors linked to Venezuela’s opposition, that have caused damages and deaths in some cities of the country.
«I am an example of that, because sadly in the Governorship of Miranda we have a governor (Henrique Capriles) who does not show his face to his employees. At this point the teachers of Miranda state have not received the vacation bonus,» she complained.
The electoral day of this Sunday was attended by another Caracas born seamstress: Libia Araque, a resident of La Candelaria, who voted in the Andres Bello high school.
«I voted because it is a great responsibility for us Venezuelans, especially those who really love our country, those who love it, who are not motivated by a particular interest,» she said.
In the interview, she highlighted the speed and simplicity of the process in which she assured that it did not take more than 20 seconds.
Her words coincided with those of Nancy Azuaje, a voter in a voting center located at the Escuela Experimental Venezuela.
«We all have to go out and vote for our future, because our future is at stake and we want all the achievements to continue to bear fruit,» she said.
A historic election day is being held this Sunday in Venezuela, one that is decisive for achieving peace and for implementing policies that are necessary and that will allow to protect national sovereignty, at a time when governments like the United States threaten to apply sanctions against the country.
This was understood by many Venezuelans who, after the call made last May by the National Executive, decided to support the candidacy of 537 out of the 545 constituent candidates who will be elected this Sunday, whose main objective is to win peace, especially in areas of Caracas, which have been held by violent groups and where many are begging for peace of mind.