AVN.- Venezuela’s Electoral Council (CNE, Spanish acronym) concluded on Tuesday the audit of the software to be used to count the votes of next July 30 elections, when 537 out of the 545 members of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) will be chosen.
According to a press released by the CNE, the verifications initiated on July 22 allowed to check out «the certificates for data communication and transmission, the electoral management system, the real time information system of data, the general processes such as collection of results, totalization, adjudication, publication, consultation and flow of data of the electoral process, among other technical aspects.»
All these elements were evaluated along with members of groups of voters and representatives of the student sector, who also knew the operation of the National Totalization System (SNT, Spanish acronym) to be used in the electoral event.
In addition to the application to be used for totalization, the software for voting, voting notebooks, voters’ data and the production of voting machines was audited so far this month.
Only two pending audits remain in the electoral timetable: the operation of the telecommunications system, scheduled for July 29, and citizen verification, for the election day.