MUD insists on actions in utter disregard of Venezuelan laws and institutions

AVN.- The opposition coalition MUD insists on implementing actions in utter disregard of Venezuelan constitutional framework to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro’s constitutional government by calling for a consultation on Maduro’s mandate and the National Constituent Assembly, whose members will be chosen July 30 in national elections, governed by the Electoral Power.
With this new action, announced last Monday by right-wing deputy Julio Borges, the MUD once again disregards state institutions and laws. Such move has been a constant behavior in its struggle to seize the political power of Venezuela through unconstitutional ways not enshrined in the laws of the nation.
In a political activity attended by many right-wing leaders and parties, in the east of Caracas, Borges said that after the consultation –nonexistent in Venezuela’s Constitution– takes place on July 16, the coalition will activate “a superior phase of struggle” through which they promise, finally, to provoke a change of government via the unconstitutional way.
Since the new National Assembly –controlled by an opposition majority– was sworn in January 2016, there have been several promises of this nature. One of them was the “political trial”, the parliamentary right wanted to use against the President and which does not exist in the national Constitution.
The opposition also promised its followers another move without legal arguments to support it: to declare the resignation of President Maduro, only if the president is more than five days out of the country or if he ceases to exercise his post in a public, notorious and communicational manner, errors President Maduro has not made.
After more than 90 days of street violence, which has caused widespread destruction and a large number of deaths, driven by the opposition coalition, MUD offers a new action, nonexistent in Venezuelan laws, to overthrow the national government.
The centers in which this “plebiscite” will be held throughout the country, who or which body will be in charge of governing the process and counting the votes, and which will be the question to endorse, are details the MUD has not informed yet.
The last time the MUD held primary elections, in February 2012, the process ended with the burning of the ballot papers by the same organizers of the electoral event. Figures like the founder of Vente Venezuela, Maria Machado, candidate in those elections, publicly repudiated the process and its results.


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