Minimum income for Venezuelan workers increased to 250,000 bolivars

AVN.- Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday a 50% increase in the minimum wage and other salary scales of public servants, in addition to an increase of food voucher, from 15 and 17 tax units.
During a ceremony to celebrate the 14th anniversary of Mission Robinson (literacy and primary education program), at the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, Maduro said this increase will take effect from July 1, and will apply to a range of professions, including teachers, doctors, firemen, police and military personnel, among others.
Through this, the monthly minimum wage will go from 65,021 to 97,531 bolivars, while the food voucher will go from 135,000 to 153,000 bolivars, bringing the minimum income for Venezuelans from 200,021 to 250,531 bolivars a month.
“I have decided to strengthen all the social achievements of the Homeland Card, the missions, the employment and income, increasing the minimum wage by 50% and increase the cestaticket (food voucher) two additional tax units. The legal minimum income of workers will be 250,531 bolivars,” he said, adding that “it is the third increase of the year.”
Last May 1st, Labor Day, the head of state decreed a 60% increase in the minimum wage of all workers of the country, taking minimum wage to around 65,000 bolivars. In that opportunity, he also raised food bonus to 15 tax units taking it to 135 thousand bolivars.
The first increase of the minimum wage of the year took place on January 8, 2017. At the time, it went from 27,091 to 40,638 bolivars, an increase of 50%.
This new salary increase, the fourth made so far this year, adds up to 15 granted under management of President Nicolas Maduro. In total, there are 38 wage increases given by the Bolivarian Revolution since 1999.
Protection of workers’ income
During his speech, the President referred to the constituent process as a vehicle to promote the economic recovery plan outlined by the Executive Branch to raise national production and improve the quality of life for Venezuelans.
“We are already working on the great plan of economic recovery, which we are going to carry forward with the power of the Constituent Assembly, that is why: Constituent Assembly or nothing. We need the constituent force to protect and create useful and stable jobs for Venezuelan families,” he said, in joint radio and television address.
The President stressed the importance of the fight against speculation and the need to create laws to control prices, intended to put an end to the economic war affecting the Venezuelan people nowadays.
“I am going to promote a national consultation for a law and for a set of actions for the Constituent Assembly, to regulate prices and punish those businessmen increasing prices, and boosting speculation. That is why we need the Constituent Assembly, to end the coup d’etat, the guarimba, the economic war. Give me (your support for) the Constituent Assembly and I will fight against prices,” Maduro urged.



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